Top ten cool motorcycle illustrators

sep 26, 2014
Top ten cool motorcycle illustrators

In the current new-wave custom builders scene, illustrators are playing a very important role. Sometimes they reflect I will try to summaraize in this post the most interesting illustrators of the moment that have anyhow something to do with motorcycles.

1. Lennard Schuurmans

His always fun and dynamic bikers always amaze me. You can also check  some cool classic and custom bike stuff in his blog, Bubble Visor.

illust_lennard_schuurmans wrench-jeans

2. Maxwell Paternoster

A crazy hypnotic collection of monsters, mad bikers and animals from hell. I love it! Several collaborations with El Solitario, Lowbrow Customs, Sideburn magazine through his alter ego Corpses From Hell.

illust_Maxwell_Paternoster nevertoolate

3. Raulowsky

Magical portraits of freedom on two wheels.

illust_Raulowsky volando_voy

4. Emilio Cabanas

Easily recognizable, personal and delightful view of the refreshing motorcycle scene of these days.


5. Menze Kwint

This illustrator from Groningen (The Netherlands) works for different fields and has made cool work for El Solitario and Fuel Motorcycles.

illust_Menze_Kwint the crow

6. Ornamental Conifer

This guy can print his colourful stuff on tees, bikes, helmets, jackets, jeans…

illust_Ornamental_Conifer Cop magnet

7. Matylda MciIlvenny

Sweet and stylish prints.

illust_Matylda_McIlvenny pin ups

8. Ryan Quickfall

Exquisite design and illustrations. A recurrent them is Dirt Track, usually collaborating with Sideburn Magazine.

illust_Ryan_Quickfall noyes-camp

9. Telegramme Studio

Not strictly a “motorcycle” illustrator, but still a totally inspiring and delicious work.

illust_telegramme cyclopedia

10. Brusco

Elegant works for custom builders, tattooers, shops…


Obviously there is a lot more talented illustrators out there, every week I discover a new one.